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Individual Software Development

More than 20 years of experience in business and research

Discover the tailored services of our business, designed to complement your unique needs.

Even if your company or department already utilizes established standard software solutions, there might be unexplored opportunities for optimization and automation.

Think about it, and you will have several good thoughts on what you could improve!

Unleash the power of your ideas and elevate workflows, efficiency, and data quality. Our comprehensive toolset empowers you and your team to pave the way forward.

Unlock your potential with us and explore the possibilities that await!

Flexible Platform

We are working with Microsoft Windows on PCs and Servers, with Apple iOS and Google Android in the mobile area, and with MS Azure in the Cloud.

We are familiar with all standard data bases and are able to build interfaces to your existing IT.


We are focused on native development using the technologies of the market leaders. Meanwhile, we abstain from proprietary technologies and artistic complexity.

This makes us fast, robust and highly affordable.

Expert Coders

Consulting is always part of our business. But we are no consulting firm. We will only charge you for solutions you actually use.


Our special offer

Imagine you could simply tell your mobile phone or tablet what it should do. This would enable you to create a system that fosters your business success in many relevant aspects.
Now just tell us!
We will make your smart device understand while you give directions. Try it out!


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Use the Technologies of the Market Leaders
as a fast track to success!