We develop for our customers

These are a few examples of our work, published with kind consent of our customers.


Health product specialist Thuasne-Thämert designs and produces individual compression bandages which are used in treatment of big areal cicatrices (e.g. after burn injuries). For this company we developed a complete software suite consisting of order management, plotting / cutting CAD, odering software for end users, a highly specialized web portal, and a control software system for various types of knitting machines.
The overall system is in daily use for many years and is being furtherly developed on a continuous long term base.

ArcelorMittal is one of the big players in world wide steel production. For their facility in Eisenhüttenstadt (Germany) we delivered a Second Level Expert System for their sintering plant. This happened in context of a huge process optimization project run by Schneider Electric who were our main contractor.
The named expert system evaluates the operating parameters delivered by the sintering plant, shows a graphical dashboard with specialized views for certain parameters and calculation results and operates as a warning system for certain critical parameters (e.g. emission values).

The Güdel Group designs and builds industrial roborters for various automation purposes. Their facility in Altenstadt produces precision metal gear parts. We took over the task of building a desktop software for optimization of machine allocation in their production.
Part of the solution where order data imports form the database, implementation of an ant algorithm for optimization and various graphical representations of the allocations to visualize and manipulate the order distribution. In this context various specialities around how orders are beeing treated had to be implemented. Several print forms were also part of the package.

Windows System Service for analyzing and archiving files:

This is an excellent example for a small and very quick solution: A Windows System Service was built that simply monitors certain directories, analyzes upcoming files for specific criteria and moves them into predefined archive directories.
This service works silently in the background after system startup and is configurable in terms of a small set of operational parameters with respect to the file analysis and target directories.

The company Feinblechverarbeitung Eschenburg (FBE) creates metal parts and products for other industries using a broad variaty of techniques: Die cutting, bending, laser cutting, etc.
In order to modernize the order management and time management, a system based on a MS SQL database was implemented. It serves article management, staff and shift management (production time recording), order management and offer creation.
Various printouts where built as well as a few statistical evaluations.

IMESO GmbH in Giessen (Germany) makes software for intensive care units and anaesthesia. In such facilities there are several medical devices like respiration machines, blood gas analyzers, and others, that create relevant data which is needed by the patient data management sytem (PDMS) of IMESO. To link up these devices to the PDMS, there is a driver software needed for each of the devices. In the recent ten years we took over the task of developing such drivers. Typically these devices are connected via serial connection, network, or USB.
The hospital environment is special in terms of data management and device interconnection. We have a good amount of experience in this field.


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