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Welcome to NateoTech, the young and innovative solution provider for operations management!

Despite the youth of the company itself, we boast a wealth of experience in the software development domain, with a track record of over 20 years delivering individually designed software to many customers.

Our expertise spans various industries, including research facilities and administrations, and we cater to all platforms, from desktop and servers to mobile devices and the cloud.


At NateoTech, our primary focus is on crafting personalized software solutions for your specific needs.

The History of our Company

In 1999, Dr. Allen Bassaly started into software development for industries, beginning in Germany with individual Microsoft Windows desktop software. In the following years, activities shifted towards industrial workflow software. Recognizing the growing significance of cloud development and mobile apps, the business expanded to this technology with cloud server software and apps for iOS and Android.

And when cloud technology met workflow management, the idea was born to build a product for customer-specific applications that on the one hand acts as a powerful fundament and on the other hand keeps the power and flexibility of serious programming.

The concept of NateoOrb swiftly took shape as it summons the smart capabilities of cloud and mobile devices and offers a platform to snap in routines individually developed for customers.

In 2023, the decision was made to establish NateoTech Inc. in Calgary, AB, Canada, entering into North America's high demand for such advancements. At this time, the product NateoOrb was already established in the market.

Throughout the arduous journey of technology development, NateoOrb has achieved an exemplary level of professionalism and effectiveness. As evidenced by the satisfaction of our loyal customers, who continually renew their subscriptions, this enduring commitment to excellence has proven immensely successful, fostering strong and lasting relationships with our valued clients.


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