Real NateoOrb Use Cases


The following examples are taken from real customer installations.


On this page you will find some real-life solutions built with NateoOrb. Customers have defined their needs and then the solutions have been implemented into NateoOrb by the NateoTech team.
The customers are using the NateoOrb mobile app and the desktop front ends along with additional supportive routines and interfaces.


Support calls in case of a machine malfunction

A huge production plant is hosting many machines. In the past, in case of a technical problem on one of the machines the operators had to find the technician on site and inform him about the problem.
Our solution: A QR-code was sticked onto each of the machines. In case of a problem, operators simply scan this code using the NateoOrb app. The app recognizes the code and knows that a problem is to be reported. The app asks for more information (e.g. type of problem like mechanical, electrical, etc.) and then sends a push notification right to the mobile device of the technician.
The technician right away knows which machine raised which kind of problem and stepps up to that machine (maybe already bringing along the appropriate tools). Once he is done with the repair, he scans the QR code by himself. His instance of the NateoOrb app knows, he is a technician and presents a service report form to him, which is linked to the service call. The technician fills it out and hence closes the case.
Not only that calling the technician is easy, quick and precise, but the customer now always has a perfect reporting and malfunction statistics per machine.


Incoming goods inspection

Material used for production needs to be registered and quality checked on arrival at the site. In the past, paper and MS Excel were used to handle the process and for a few materials a specific lab test was issued.
Our solution: The material manager who picks up the material at the entry port, reads certain information from the shipping bill and talks it right into the NateoOrb app using its voice recognition functionality. There is no typing or writing needed. The system then creates a receipt of goods, and decides whether a lab test is needed or not. If so, it adds the shipping to the lab list. This list is available to the lab personnel, who thereby run the lab tests, document the results in NateoOrb and either accept or reject the shipping. If accepted, the shipping is forwarded to the merchandise management system of the company (like those shippings that do not need testing).


Material Kanban

In the production area material is stored in shelves near to machines where it is needed. In the past, stock management did their rounds to check which shelves were about to run low and then fill them up as needed.
Our solution: Each shelf slot is equipped with a specific QR code. Whenever material is about to run low, the machine operator who picks up the material simply scans this code. The material demands are gathered in a browser list for the stock managers, who can then clear orders when they deliver. This does not only simplify the material management; it also avoids confusion among a group of store managers about which delivery has been done and which not. Multiple overlaying orders by multiple machine operators are managed automatically by the system.


Monitoring of unmanned production

A production facility is running autonomously over nights and weekends. During these times, errors might occur which result in production interruptions that last hours or even days.
Our solution: We created a background process that runs on a local server and permanently monitors log files of the machines in production. Status and error information are permanently forwarded into the cloud so that a dashboard can always be seen by the background technician from remote. Additionally, an error alert can be sent as a push notification to the technician at home, whenever a machine raises a certain state flag.
Specific error information is available for the technician so that he can decide if he needs to come to the site or not.



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